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Back on the Blog Again… January 9, 2015

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As the song we have all heard continuously since Frozen was released goes, I have seriously considered letting this Blog go. The photos I post in Facebook get noticed and commented on and pretty much everything in my blog is ignored except by a faithful few which since it’s been nearly a year since I have posted in here are no doubt even fewer.  But what I post here can be a far cry from my Facebook posts which are mainly fluff and fancy and I will never go back and read what I post…not true of my blogs.

Of course I do not like being repetitive so it is I will post the same things in both, which means much fewer travelogues in here and more just thought and notions of stuff!   The 3 posts I just did were from photos I put in almost a year ago that are also in Facebook but that’s probably the last of that except in the case of something I don’t think anyone but me would have an interest in.

And there will be more family stuff in here, since this is for me primarily!  = D   Case in point, love this sequence of photos taken at Arbor Crest the day Jeff and Tiff got here for Brian and Tara’s wedding!  We actually all shared a bottle of wine in a beautiful setting, toasting the soon to be wedded couple but mostly just chatting away and goofing off…especially when Mom wants to get some photos!  I so love my family!

Kids Arbor Crest 4

Kids Arbor Crest 3

Kids Arbor Crest 2

Kids Arbor Crest 1


Perusing the Palouse. . .

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Last late Spring Julie and I decided to go see what we could see in the Palouse, during the “brown season” when we both normally stay away from it. Palouse with Julie 261 (2) (800x537)

We are both into rust, rustic and even decay, so this time of year seemed like perhaps a good time to focus on those aspects of the Palouse instead of the gorgeous scenery the other season provide.

Palouse with Julie 272 (2) (800x441)

We decided to meander versus a planned route which adds to the sense of adventure we both like on road trips.

Palouse with Julie 286 (2) (800x555)

Most of these came from a grainery and some old farm equipment on a corner in the middle of nowhere.

Palouse with Julie 296 (2) (800x504)

Palouse with Julie 298 (2) (800x457)

Palouse with Julie 300 (2) (800x436)

Palouse with Julie 305 (2) (800x538)

Palouse with Julie 309 (2) (800x534)

Palouse with Julie 316 (2) (800x574)

Palouse with Julie 320 (2) (800x482)

Palouse with Julie 332 (2) (731x800)

We both could use a bumper sticker that says “I brake for Windmills” sense we can’t pass one up if is at all accessible!  We had to fight some brush and bramble to get this and once again the lighting to shoot in unencumbered by tree branches was impossible, but we shot with what we had!

Palouse with Julie 370 (2) (800x382)

We shot all the cars at a car lot in Tekoa…not Latah, the only “motor” at Latah motors is in the sign.

Palouse with Julie 389 (2) (800x515)

Palouse with Julie 401 (2) (800x361)

Palouse with Julie 411 (2) (800x534)

This is a real car lot…with real cars….real old cars!


Old Farmstead…

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Won’t say exactly where this place is…although nearly everyone I know in Idaho knows!  I saw it years ago when I believe it was still being lived in, probably a rental at the time considering what I know about it’s history now.

Palouse with Julie 237 (2) (800x438)

At the time the buildings were not that shabby and it looked like there had been fresh metal roofs put on all of them.

Palouse with Julie 233 (2) (800x506)

Then a long time went by before I saw this place again, not remembering exactly where it was since I was with Jeff the first time.

Palouse with Julie 230 (2) (671x800)

I stumbled upon it just a couple years ago and it was obviously abandoned, the house was really beat up and you could windows busted out of the out buildings as well.

Palouse with Julie 225 (2) (800x534)

I really wanted to check out the place and take some shots but was chicken to go on the property even though there were no “No Trespassing” signs that are almost always on empty pieces of property.

Palouse with Julie 218 (2) (800x358)

I asked a friend who works on the roads out there and he said he sees people out there all the time, usually with a camera…I was tempted but still didn’t go.

Palouse with Julie 209 (2) (800x549)

Then one day a friend of mine (shall remain nameless to protect the guilty) and I were going to go out to the Palouse and we swung by there first so I could show her how cool it was.

Palouse with Julie 202 (2) (632x800)

Since there was two of us, we felt a bit braver and decided to venture on the property with camera’s in tow.  It was a gloomy day in late winter and though the lighting was against us, we were just this side of giddy at what we found.

Palouse with Julie 198 (2) (800x523)

Except for the house which had been stripped and damaged for what appeared to be just for the sake of being destructive, all of the buildings were in good shape, no doubt thanks for the foresight of putting metal roofs on.

Palouse with Julie 192 (2) (800x515)

The gem was the large barn, I have seen a lot of barns and this one was definitely in the top five in our area!  Our aim was to be respectful to the place and so we stayed out of all the buildings except for the hen house, which was wide open and safe looking.

Palouse with Julie 183 (2) (533x800)

The barn was filled with all sorts of wood and stuff and we were tempted to go in but felt that was going to far, although we found out later many have to shoot senior pictures!

Palouse with Julie 174 (2) (800x429)

There were areas around the property that looked like teens perhaps had been there partying with trash strewn about and such.

Palouse with Julie 166 (2) (800x401)

At this point my biggest concern was for the safety of the buildings.  Thankfully only the house has been torn up, but the rest of the buildings just need some TLC, the house could be saved with a lot of renovation, but might be cheaper at this point to just replace.

Palouse with Julie 163 (2) (800x435)

We didn’t stay too long and are still itching to go back with better light.  I gave the info about the owners (who live near my boss) to a local up there who also wants to shoot the buildings…with permission, hopefully he will get it! And invite me!  This is the small barn to the left of the big one.

Palouse with Julie 158 (2) (800x430)

I just hope they decide to sell before something happens to the place, that barn has got to be saved!!!!

Palouse with Julie 156 (2) (800x426)

I mean really, isn’t a beaut?  All of the windows in the two barns (smaller one for pigs I believe, to the left of this big one) were brand new but over half had been busted out…just for the hell of it, what is wrong with people???

Palouse with Julie 153 (2) (800x533)

This was taken from the inside of the hen house…guessing it was a hen house based on the amount of feathers and “stuff” that was in there!

Palouse with Julie 147 (2) (800x533)

This is the outside of the hen house.  Forgot to mention that the views from any spot on this property are exceptional!  Hope someone worthy ends up here eventually and brings this place back to what it should be, a piece of Americana!


Shirley…. February 12, 2014

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The only movies I remember vividly watching as a kid growing up, besides the occasional horror ones my sister Arlene made me watch with her, against my will, were Shirley Temple movies.  I am fairly sure I have seen everyone they ever put on TV as many times as it was on TV


.  Shirley was a young women by the time I started watching movies were she was a mere child, but I don’t think I even knew that until she had her own TV show hosting her and other movies of the time.  No matter, I loved her as a teen and a young woman as well.


But of course, I loved her most when she was “my age”.


These are my favorite movies and what I loved about them.


CAPTAIN JANUARY ~ This may be the first movie I saw her in and it just tore my heart out when they took her away from the Captain.  “Cap, Cap” with tears in her eyes, from the scene above…and I loved her name, Star. I also fell in love with her bed and her room.  I so wanted to be her!


CURLY TOP ~ Another movie she was adorable in and of course my favorite scene was where she sang “On the Good Ship Lollipop” in the orphanage.


HEIDI ~ Which is one I have seen countless times.  She changed the old man’s life and then once again they yanked her away.  “Grandfather, Grandfather”….she cried when they took her away.  But as always, eventually there was a tearful reunion.

THE BACHELOR AND THE BOBBY SOXER ~ This is the only one I saw her in as an official adult although she played an older teen and it’s hysterical and endearing, has certainly stood the test of time, still love it!  

The Little Princess 1939 film

But my all time favorite has always been and will always be, perhaps everyone’s favorite…THE LITTLE PRINCESS…My favorite part in this movie is when she wakes up in her cold attic room and it’s filled with furnishings, delicious food and a warm fire.  Those few minutes when she and her friend Becky were so happy, and of course at the end, when she found her Daddy are my favorite parts…and when she tells off the old bitty!  Thanks Miss Shirley for bringing so much fun and joy in thousands of little girls lives!


Snow At Last…. February 4, 2014

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Snow Stuffs 017 (2) (800x464)

Sure, I learned to embrace the brown, but the ultimate winter scene has snow in it of course!

Snow Stuffs 026 (2) (800x448)

Snow is so pretty, even in black and white!

Snow Stuffs 027 (2) (800x532)

Finally had the perfect day with snow and at least some sun in the Silver Valley so made my way to the North Fork of the CDA river, which I have not shot much of in the Winter.

Snow Stuffs 040 (2) (800x447)

No matter where I looked, it was very picturesque!

Snow Stuffs 060 (2) (800x464)

Snow Stuffs 063 (2) (800x455)

Snow Stuffs 069 (2) (800x488)

Snow Stuffs 075 (2) (800x541)

Snow Stuffs 077 (2) (800x565)

Snow Stuffs 089 (2) (800x459)

Snow Stuffs 107 (2) (800x496)

After I headed out of the river area, I went to Lookout, knowing it would have way more snow and as you can see, it certainly did!

Snow Stuffs 117 (2) (800x358)


Snow Stuffs 136 (2) (800x554)

Then with the threat of clouds closing in, I rushed towards Medicine Lake to get a few more shots before the gloom set in.

Snow Stuffs 145 (2) (800x494)

As always, the Medimont boat launch turned out to be photo op city!

Snow Stuffs 146 (2) (800x421)

Seems like just yesterday I shot this same scene in Autumn colors!

Snow Stuffs 185 (2) (800x483)

Definitely found were many of the Canadian Geese were Wintering!

Snow Stuffs 197 (2) (800x427)

Tight shot of the mountains behind the lake.

Snow Stuffs 200 (2) (800x484)

This is the dike road heading back to the highway.

Snow Stuffs 226 (2) (800x522)

The following weekend I took a short drive towards Blackrock.  These are the rocks as you approach the flats.

Snow Stuffs 230 (2) (800x432)

The view looking back at Coeur d’Alene.

Snow Stuffs 240 (2) (800x461)

Decided to go check out the abandoned Finnebott road home and this is the view just before you reach it from the North.

Snow Stuffs 251 (2) (800x549)

Closer view…

Snow Stuffs 275 (2) (800x451)

This is the Finnebott home, I am guessing, since it’s the only older home on the road.  When I first saw this place, some 15 years ago, someone lived here, shows you how fast it can go back to nature left unattended.

Snow Stuffs 292 (2) (800x435)

There are several outbuildings on this property, wish I could have gotten closer to the grand old barn!

Snow Stuffs 300 (2) (800x510)

As the sun set, the shadows looking towards the Northwest,m were very cool!

Snow Stuffs 319 (2) (600x800)

And as I was headed home, I got a real surprise, a Moose chomping on bushes just 50′ off the highway!


Photography Weekend… January 26, 2014

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Hayden Lake 136 (2) (800x447)

I spent the last weekend in January at the Rocky Mountain Photography weekend.

Hayden Lake 141 (2) (800x459)

And as luck would have it, it also happened to be a “Frost Weekend”, the MOST ideal Winter shooting conditions in my opinion…so figures, right?

Hayden Lake 145 (2) (800x419)

Fortunately on the second day, we got out early enough for me to haul my butt up to South Hill where the frost had not burned out during the day, to get some twilight shots….

Hayden Lake 149 (2) (597x800)

…but with my phone, not even my small camera!  Now that is ironic!  So these photos are VERY marginal!

Hayden Lake 153 (2) (800x445)

But as you can see the scenery was something.

Hayden Lake 161 (2) (800x600)

Most of these are shot in Manito park or the small park in the rich neighborhood just West of it.

Hayden Lake 163 (2) (800x478)

This is the Perennial garden, our favorite place to shoot flowers in the Spring, still very pretty!

Hayden Lake 178 (2) (800x600)

Frost is just amazing, way more impressive than snow for Flora!  This was the last shot before it got too dark, so then I headed off for Trader Joe’s!


The Brown Quest… January 15, 2014

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1 (1)

So last year, just like every other year, come Winter, I lamented that there is nothing pretty to shoot.

1 (2)

“I am surrounded by brown, boring, crappy brown” I wailed….

1 (3)

Somehow not even noticing we have millions of evergreens everywhere you go…I so take those for granted.

2 (1)

But then one day as I drove up Forker just to get out of the house, I decided to see if I could find ANYTHING pretty about all the brown stuff I was looking at…and I did!

2 (2)

The first thing I noticed was how many differnt shades there were, which creates contrast, which is a good thing.

2 (3)

Then I noticed how artistic all the empty limbs on the trees were!  Each kind of tree has it’s own unique pattern of sorts.

2 (4)

Also I noticed how brown and blue complimented each other, so I looked for places with both, which of course if there is a blue sky, that helps!

3 (0)

But if you can find some water, all the better!

3 (0a)

So, this year I decided to do an extended presentation of “Embracing Brown” so I headed up to two places that I hadn’t “embraced the brown” in before.  These shots so far were taken on the way to and from Kootenai Wildlife Refuge.

3 (0b)

This is the bridge at the boat launch right after you leave the Refuge headed to Bonner’s Ferry.

3 (0c)

The idea in these was to find how many types of shots I could get from one area.

3 (0d)

I really try to combine water with the brown now as much as possible, it isn’t just OK to me, its almost my new preferred thing to shoot!

3 (2)

Nothing but green on green with more green in the background isn’t very striking if you think about it.

3 (2a)

So now I see brown as an opportunity to find the artistic lines and colors of Winter!

3 (3)

I wish I had spent a little more time with this project….next time!

4 (2)

This shot was just before I got to town, loved all the shadows, rocks and of course blue sky.


Decided to check out the East side of town and see what I could see and this was the first gem I found!

6 (1)

This is a nursery with a very beautiful backdrop!

6 (2)

Nice color combinations and textures!

6 (3)

But I think adding the blue water in front was even better.

7 (1)

Off to the left of the water were some cows…which gave me another thing to add to my list of things you can shoot in the winter! Animals!

8 (1)

On the way home I went to Hope and got some more blue and brown shots!

8 (2)

And this one even had the coveted S curve.

8 (3)

This tree is one of the most artistic I saw this day.

88 (1)

Ice is another thing that is especially pretty to shoot and only available in Winter! Another plus!

88 (2)

99 (1)

Of course if you add the wonder of snow to winter, you will be in bliss city!

99 (2)

The next day I headed to the Silver Valley to see what I could see, my main destination was the river, but I stopped at the Mission first to get a shot from the same place EVERYBODY does! Lol!

99 (3)

I especially love how the birches look in the winter!

99 (5)

They look better of course with the reflection in the water!

99 (6)

So I really enjoyed the drive along the river, looking for the beauty around every corner!

99 (7)

99 (8)

99 (9)

99 (10)

99 (11)



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